Sep. 19, 2018

Download Noir Full Movie In Hindi Dubbed In Mp4

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Two beautiful female assassins travel the world accepting assignments to kill various culprits, and at the same time, having deadly traps set against them by their own employer.

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original title: Noir

genge: Animation,Action,Crime,Drama,Mystery,Thriller

imdb: 7.5

duration: 25min

keywords: verylittledialogue, france, assassin, corsica, anime, amnesia, leitmotif, femalenudity, controversy, surrealism, flashback, fictionalwar, goodversusevil, responsibility, messiah, wuxiafiction, innocen

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In the business of life and death, trust and loyalty are definitely two lines that shouldn't be crossed. In this action packed anime, Monica Rial and Shelley Black loan their voices as the roles of Mireille and Kirika, two maidens of death who have nothing in common except one thing: they're both emotionless killing machines. Mireille Bouquet is one of France's most revered killers who will wack anybody for the right price. Up until now, Mireille hasn't had a reason to care or a reason to depend on anybody but herself. All of that changes though when a beautiful young Japanese girl shows up asking Mireille for help in finding her identity, as it turns out that Kirika is an amnesicac with no memory but has the skills of a very dangerous woman. Mireille agrees to help Kirika, as she feels that Kirika may hold they key to unlocking a mystery to Mireille's own past. The two set up shot in Paris and begin two work as a hit squad code-named Noir and their journeys take them to the chilly land of Moscow to the beautiful land of Sicily. As the girls take down their targets and get some serious bigtime pay, they draw closer to the truth behind Kirika's sudden amnesia and the truth behind Mireille's banishment from her home in Corsica years ago as a child. However, a dangerous organization called the Soldats doesn't want the girls uncovering the truth about anything and even goes as far as to send one of their own, a young girl named Chloe to silence them. Now the men and women of Soldats who swore a mysterious oath to watch Kirika and Mireille's back are now eager to put a bullet in them. The two girls will have to learn the difference betweeen being a target and being a shooter as the Soldats start closing in and Mireille decides that it's time to go gunning for revenge. In the end, the girls will learn the difference between trust and loyalty as they enter a dark world where watching each other's back is the only way to stay alive. Noir is a tale of assassins, in particular one named Mireille Bouquet, a contract killer who receives a message from a young girl with no memory about herself, but is an incredibly efficient killing machine. The story takes us on a pilgrimage to the pasts of both girls, which leads them to Paris, France, and someone is trying to stop them... This series is one that shows what anime is all about: a blending of two things, a half-way point between film and comic strip, between action and drama, between the minutely detailed realistic and the unfilmably fantastic, between artistry and entertainment. Designed, as the name suggests, to homage Films Noir (among other things), this is a long (26 eps) and quite complex story of Femmes Fatale, amnesia, assassination, mystery, conspiracy and betrayal, all in a classical Anime style that delivers great action and detail. There are those who say that this series is repetitive, and in a way it can be, but to them I say 1) watch it one episode per day or longer and not as a back-to-back fest, and 2) there are so very many series that are more repetitive, less exciting and more dull. One thing of real note that I noticed about this series was the music. So far Noir has 3 OSTs and it deserves them all for the classy and supremely invigorating music it contains. Overall I can't recommend Noir too highly. This show is great. Every Anime fan should have this in his/her repertoire. But please, they could have skipped Mirellies flashback scenes, they very annoying when they pop up now and then. Other than that, I have to say: Just watch it!!!


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